The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council brings together the expertise and vantage points of diverse interest groups to collaboratively tackle the critical challenges facing this important watershed region. The Community Council is comprised of representatives from business and industry; municipal government; environmental organizations; and state, federal and regional agencies and the State Legislature. This community-based alliance is a unique non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the sustainable economic and environmental well being of the watershed region, or to put it more simply “to promote blue waters and a green economy”.

The Mission Statement of the SuAsCo Watershed Community Council reads as follows:

“To build a community-based alliance that promotes the sustainable economic and environmental well-being of the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River (SuAsCo) Watershed in Massachusetts. The Council is working together to:

  • Protect the natural resources of the SuAsCo Watershed,
  • Restore water quality and flow,
  • Coordinate land use and water resource planning across community boundaries,
  • Encourage stewardship of the recreational and historic character of the watershed,
  • Foster cooperation among divergent interest groups,
  • Promote education on watershed challenges, assets, and opportunities, and
  • Channel financial and technical assistance to creatively solve identified problems.”


Watershed Collaboration

The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council practices collaboration via communication and cooperation across constituencies including Steering Committee meetings on watershed policy, information sharing between diverse interests, coordination with multiple organizations, and providing support to local initiatives.

Examples of Watershed Collaboration include:

  • Steering Committee as “think tank” on watershed policy
  • Information sharing between diverse interests across the watershed
  • Coordination with multiple organizations on watershed issues
  • Support to stream teams and local initiatives across the watershed


Outreach and Education

The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council achieves outreach and communication through annual watershed-wide River Visions Forum, SuAsCo website at www.suasco.org, monthly SuAsCo calendar of events, workshops and meetings on “hot” environmental issues, power point presentations, and database resource and library.

Examples of Outreach and Education include:

  • Annual watershed-wide River Visions Forum
  • SuAsCo Website: www.suasco.org
  • Monthly SuAsCo calendar of events
  • Workshops and meetings on “hot” environmental issues
  • “Communities Connected By Water” power point program
  • Database Resource and Library


Watershed Action

The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council’s projects include the Stormwater Matters Program, the SuAsCo Watershed Action Plan, and other long-term and short-term projects.

Examples of Watershed Projects include:

  • SuAsCo Watershed Action Plan
  • Stormwater Community Assistance Program also known as “Stormwater Matters”
  • Biodiversity Protection and Stewardship Plan
  • Greenprint for Growth Project
  • Nautilus Impervious Surface Mapping
  • SuAsCo Watershed
  • Community Council
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  • 118 Great Road
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  • 978-461-0735
  • info@suasco.org

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