Organization Structure

The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council is a unique non-profit organization that brings diverse interest groups – businesses, municipal officials, state/federal/regional government, and environmental groups – together to collaborate on environmental issues in the watershed.

The Community Council structure includes a Steering Committee, Executive Committee and Task Forces. The Steering Committee provides a policy voice for the watershed. The Steering Committee representatives are nominated to ensure a balanced representation of the four interest groups: 1) business and industry; 2) municipal government; 3) environmental organizations; and 4) state/federal/regional government and the State Legislature. A balanced subset of the Steering Committee serves as the Board of Directors or Executive Committee to manage the administrative affairs of the Council. The Task Forces carry out specific action plans and new volunteers are always welcome. Task Forces work on issues in the watershed such as: Biodiversity/Habitat; Land Use/Open Space; Water Quality/Quantity; Stormwater; and Outreach/Education.

In addition, Subcommittees are formed as needed to work on short-term activities, such as the River Visions Forum. The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council is designed after the MA Watershed Initiative and is viewed by other watersheds in the Commonwealth and in the nation as a model for how to solve watershed problems through collaboration.


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