Steering Committee

The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council’s mission is to build a community-based alliance that promotes the sustainable economic and environmental well-being of the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River (SuAsCo) Watershed; in other words to promote blue waters and a green economy. The alliance is working together to:

-Protect the natural resources of the SuAsCo Watershed,
-Restore water quality and flow,
-Coordinate land use and water resource planning across community boundaries,
-Encourage stewardship of the recreational and historic character of the watershed,
-Foster cooperation among divergent interest groups,
-Promote education on watershed challenges, assets, and opportunities,
-Channel financial and technical assistance to creatively solve identified problems.


The SuAsCo Watershed Community Council received the 2003 “Regional Spirit Award” from the MetroWest Growth Management Committee for encouraging MetroWest communities to work together on environmental resource issues. Senator Pam Resor also presented the Council’s Executive Director, Nancy Bryant, with an official citation from the State Senate in recognition of the importance of the Award.


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